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From Poland.

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
G72 002 Horchgerate Ringtrichter-Richtungshörer (RRH)        
G72 003 Faun L900 D567 Tank Transporter        
G72 004 Faun L900 D567 Heavy Cargo Truck        
G72 005 Schienenwolf (early)        
G72 006 Schienenwolf, armored (early)        
G72 008AEC Dorchester 4x4 LP (Low Power)
G72 009AEC Dorchester 4x4 HP (High Power) "Long nose"
TDW 001Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.Bin collaboration with Triumph Des Willens
TDW 002Tankspritze (TS 2,5a) TLF 25/36in collaboration with Triumph Des Willens

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A72 001Cable reel without cable3 pieces   
A72 002Cable reel with cable3 pieces   
E72 100 WH Winker photo-etched      
E72 101 HEMTT grill For Academy      
E72 102 HEMTT grill For MC      
E72 104WW2 Allied Vehicle detail set - 1
G72 210 200L fuel drum BVO 6950 4 pieces      
G72 211 200L fuel drum Mauser 1941 Kraftstoff 4 pieces      
G72 212 200L fuel drum Nobel Standard 4 pieces      
G72 213200L fuel drum - Kriegsmarine 4 pieces   
G72 214 200L oil drum - Kraftstoff - Luftwaffe marking 4 pieces      
G72 215 200L oil drum - Waffen-SS marking 4 pieces      
G72 216200L oil drum - MASUT4 pcs.
G72 217200L fuel drum - NITAG 4 pieces   
G72 218 200L oil drum - DAPG company 4 pieces      
G72 219200L fuel drum - HONV - Hungary4 pcs.   
G72 230200L heavy oil drum - SHELL4 pcs.   
G72 232200L fuel drum - Eesti Kivioli - Estonia4 pcs.   
G72 234200L fuel drum - Schmidts 1941 4 pieces   
G72 235200L fuel drum - Wehrmacht 1942

4 identical pieces.

WW2 German 200L drums were 54.5cm x 86.5cm, or 7,6mm x 12,0mm in 1/72; these drums measure 7.9mm x 11.6mm, which is close enough for my taste. German 200L drums had some markings on the flat top and they are correctly reproduced here: the drums bear the writings " Kraftstoff 200L, Feuergefährlich, Wehrmacht B 42". Everything is perfectly readable, even in this tiny scale. At first I thought that the last line read "942", being a typo for "1942", but it seems "B 42" is correct.
Casting is extraordinarily crisp, with no sign of any casting blocks. One of the rims was damaged however, but I am unsure if this happened before or after arrival. - R. Haelterman

G72 236200L fuel drum - Wehrmacht 1943 4 pieces   
G72 237200L lubricant drum - Luftwaffe Schmierstoff4 pcs.   
G72 239200L fuel drum - Lentojoukot - Finnish Air Force 4 pieces   
G72 240200L fuel drum - Hobum Harburg Elbe4 pcs.   
G72 242200L fuel drum - Regio Esercito - Italy4 pcs.   

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
F72501Wehrmacht soldier in StalingradResin   
F72502SS GuardResin   
F72503Luftwaffe FlakhelferinnenResin   
F72505Stabhelferinnen with dobermann    
F72506Ordnung Polizei
F72507Women Auxiliary Air (Territorial) Force

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