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Resin kits, decals, figures and diorama accessories from Germany. The kits numbered from 72101 and above are models from the defunct ITA range.

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
7201 15cm Flakscheinwerfer German WW II 15cm AA Searchlight unit with transport bogies.    
7202 Generator w SdAnh 201 German WW II power generator for searchlights, AA guns, radars, with transport bogies.    
7206 GRILLE 17/21 Geschützwagen VI with 17cm Canon Comes with turned aluminum gun barrel.    
7207 FCM 2C French Army Char de Forteresse      
7208 FCM F 1 French Army Char de Forteresse      
7210 8,8cm Flakturm Fledermaus für E-100 Conversion for Dragon Maus and E-100    
72101 Renault UE37 with tracked trailer      
72102 3.7cm Pak auf UE      
72103 28/32cm Nebelwerfer auf UE      
72104 Renault UE36 with tracked fuel trailer      
72201 Light Tank Hotchkiss H-35      
72202 Light Tank Hotchkiss H-39      
72203 7.5cm Pak 40 L/48 auf H-39      
72204 10.5cm le FH18 auf H-39      
72205 Grosser Funk und Bef.Pz. H-39      
72301 Light Tank Renault R-35      
72302 Light Tank Renault R-40      
72303 4.7cm Pak auf GW R35(f)      
72304 Befehlspanzer auf Pz.Kpfw.R35(f)      
72401 Light Tank Renault D1      
72402 Renault D2 with APX2 turret      
72403 Medium Tank Renault D2 with APX2 Turret      
72501 Light Tank FCM-36      
72502 FCM-36 mit 7.5cm Pak 40      
72503 10.5cm Pz.Haubitze 18 auf GW FCM-36(f)      
72601 Tracked Recce Vehicle Renault AMR33      
72602 Tracked Recce Vehicle Renault AMR35      
72603 Light tank AMR-35 13.2mm MG      
72604 Renault AMR 35 RZT 25mm Pak      
72605 Renault AMR35 80mm Mortar Wehrmacht      
72631 French armoured car Laffly-Vincennes AMD-80      
72641 AMC M-29 Schneider-Citroen      
72801 French Light Artillery Tractor Citroen-Kegresse P17A      
72802 Citroen-Kegresse Mannschafts-Transporter      
72803 Citroen-Kegresse MG team carrier      
72804 Citroen-Kegresse P-19B Liaison Car      
72805 25mm AT Gun Mod.34 on Citroen-Kegresse P19BT      
72807 Halftruck Fuel Tank Carrier CKP17      
72808 Light Artillery Tractor Citroen P17E      
72809 Half Tracked Air Force Tractor P17      
72810 Citroen-Kegresse P19 Infantry Personnel Carrier      
72841 Peugeot DK 5J light truck      
72842 Peugeot DK5-J Ambulance      
72843 Peugeot DK5-J Radio      
72861 Gnome&Rhone AX-2RM with Crew French Army Motorcycle with Sidecar 1939-1940    
72862 Gnome & Rhone AX-2RM with Crew Wehrmacht Motorcycle with Sidecar 1940-1945    
72903 25mm AT Gun Mod.34 with gun team and horses      
72904 25mmAT gun M-35 and UE tractor      
72906 75mm gun M97TTT 140cm wheels 1st type & 2nd type & ammo caisson    
72907 75mm fieldgun Schneider M97/33 Gun limber/caisson, horses & troopers    
72908 75mm gun M97TTT 120mm wheels & ammo caisson      
72911 105mm Field Gun de Bourges Mod.1935/B Gun-Limber, caisson, horses, troopers    
72912 French 105mm Field Gun 1935-48 French Army Motorized artillery 105mm Field gun Mod. 35-TTT with 1st. type 140cm wheels and 2nd. type reinforced 140cm    

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
  Char B1 bis Made by Cartograf    
  French Vehicles 1940 Made by Cartograf    

Diorama Items
Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
1007 Sandbag emplacement      
7001 Buddha Temple      

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
1000 Kampfgruppe Peiper      
1001 Panzerjagdtrupp Kurland 1945      
1002 Grenadier Division GD, 1944      
1003 Marching grenadiers, Heer 1944      
1005 German resting Panzercrew      
1011 Panzeraufklärer Division Wiking The overall impression was nice. The cap on one of the figures was a bit short (or broken off) and the MP44 looked a bit odd.
1012 German SPG crew      
1013 Escaped Panzer Crew      
1014 Nightfighters Berlin 1945      
1015 German Ski Jäger      
1016 Paratroops Ardennes 1944, Set 1      
1017 Paratroops Ardennes 1944, Set 2 Set 1017 had some similar kneecap issues as the 1029 set has but hardly noticable since these figures are modelled standing straight up rather than walking. The business ends of the rifles were, just like the MP44 in set 1011, not quite satisfying but since they come seperate one can always replace them.    
1018 Panzermeyer at Mariopol 1941      
1019 Tiger Aces      
1020 Panzergrenadiere LAH Kursk 1943      
1021 German Feldgendarme      
1022 German Armoured Personnel Carrier Crew      
1023 US Tank Crew      
1024 German Field Car Crew      
1025 Achtung Jabo, France 1944      
1026 Fallen Comrade, Aachen 1944      
1027 352nd Volksgenadier Division, Ardennen 44      
1028 Ambush at Poteau      
1029 German Grenadiers Charkow 1943 These figures had their kneecaps too far down and most of them looked like they had their pants way low down á la modern hiphop fashion. One or two figures in that set looked quite nice though. Some wore M43 tunics, other smocks and one something that looked like a winter jacket with hood. Many of the soldiers seem to be issued with G43 ammunition pockets. One of the figures looks like a platoon commander and another like a squad commander.    
72927 Seated Troopers for Trucks Resin figures French Army WWII    
72931 Radio Team with ER17/ER40 radio sets Resin figures French Army WWII    

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Kit list last updated 17 April 2012