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From Singapore. Water slide decals printed by Microscale in the USA.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AXT721005Schwere Panzerabteilung 502, Schw.Pz.Kp. Meyer Tiger IsIncludes Otto Carius' Tiger I.
AXT721007LAH Panzer IV (Ausf F1 & F2s) & HG Panzer IV Ausf Gs
AXT721010Panzer-Lehr & Das Reich Panthers (Ausf Ds & As)Includes two of Ernst Barkmann's Panthers - a late Ausf. D and an Ausf. A.
AXT721018Das Reich & Wiking Panzer III Ausf J/L/Ms
AXT721020GD, 18.PzAbt, 11.PD & Das Reich Panzer IVs (Ausf F1/F2/G)
AXT72103312. SS-Pz.Div. Panthers (Pt3) Ardennes 1944
AXT7210341. SS-Pz.Rgt. Panthers Ardennes 1944/45 Kampfgruppe Peiper
AXT72103531. Pz.Rgt., 5. Pz.Div. Panthers
AXT721036LAH Panzer IV Ausf. Js 1944-1945 (Pt 2)
AXT7210373. SS-Schw.Pz.Rgt. Tiger Is Kursk 1943 - Operation Citadel
D726002LeClerc - UNIFILDecals for 2 vehicles
D726018Sherman IIIMarkings for "Would you like a cup of tea, old chap"
D726020Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 189Unit emblem for your Stug III Ausf C/D, or possibly B as well. Accompanied by a different version suited for support/softskin vehicles of the abteilung.
D726021US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Battalion Numbers (Part 1)
D726027UN Indian T-72M1s in Somalia
D726031US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Battalion Numbers (Part 2)
D726061US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Battalion Numbers (Part 3)
D726062US Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Battalion Numbers (Part 4)
FL724010German Aerial Identification / Recognition FlagsDecals for 2 vehicles
FL724011Panzer Signal Flags and Pennants (WW2)Decals for 2 vehicles
T72015M1A1HA Abrams- US Army 3rd Inf. Div. Iraq. Part 3US ARMY 1-64 Armor, HQ & C Company M1A1HA Abrams in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" Complete markings for ONE entire platoon (four 2nd platoon gun tanks from C company), plus three other vehicles. Two of which are HQ vehicles plus a C company commander's tank.

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Kit list last updated 09 April 2023