ETA Diorama
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From Greece.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
Code 204Daring Posters, Magazines, Calendars
Code 243Calendar 2013 XADO
Code 248Cars Billboards & Posters
Code 301Oriental Carpets and Persian Rugs
Code 376NATO Flags
Code 389Israeli Posters (1921-2016)
Code 390Israeli Road Signs set
Code 391Israeli flags
Code 392Syria War Billboards & Posters
Code 393Syria War Flags
Code 394Syria Road Signs set
Code 409U.S. Flags (WWII)
Code 416U.S. Maps D-DAY Normandy (WWII)
Code 421Original WWII US Army Wool Field Blanket
Code 422US Original Tarpaulin for WWII trailer
Code 429Vietman War Advertisements, Billboards
Code 430North Vietnamese Propaganda Posters
Code 431North Vietnamese Flags Vietnam War
Code 434Vietman War Advertisements, Billboards
Code 505German Army Uniforms (WWII)
Code 506WWII German Box for 8cm (80mm)
Code 510France & Italy propangada Posters
Code 511France propangada Posters (WWII)
Code 513Japanese propangada Posters & Flags
Code 516German propangagda poster, Flags & Maps
Code 528WWII Russian flags:
Code 529WWII France flags
Code 534WWII Russian propangada Posters
Code 535WWII Russian propangada Posters
Code 601WWII German battle flag
Code 609WWII German Zeltbahn
Code 610WWII German Zeltbahn
Code 613WWII German Maps
Code 618WWII German battle flag
code 1366maps & pictures
Code 1390Paintings
Code 1396Christian Pictures
Code 1397Christian Pictures
Code 1401Old Maps
Code 1402Old Maps
Code 1403Black & White Old Maps
code 1404black & white old maps
Code 1405Black & White Old Maps
Code 1406Black & White Old Maps
Code 1504Road Signs (WWII)
Code 1506Road Signs (WWII)
code 1510signs - warning
code 1880marble & granite sheets
Code 1946WWII Propaganda Posters
Code 1948Commercial Signs (sticker)
Code 1949U.K. War Propaganda Posters WWII
Code 1951U.S. Propaganda Posters WWII & WWI
code 1964marble & granite sheets

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Kit list last updated 04 December 2019