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Paper diorama accessories from Canada.

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00C-35 Spanish Civil War - Condor Italian (Flag)        
01A-35 Canadian Flag        
01A-72 AL-140 Rec Panels (Flag)        
01C-35 Spanish Civil War - Carlist Falange (Flag)        
02A-35 Canada Red Ensign (Flag)        
03A-35 US 48 Stars (Flag)        
04A-35 US 50 Stars (Flag)        
04B-72 Base/Checkpoint Sign Iraq (sign)        
06A-35 Belgian Flag        
07A-35 Afghan Flag        
08A-35 Confederate Flag        
09B-72 Sadaam Billboards        
10A-35 Australian Navy (Flag)        
10B-72 Vehicle / Traffic Signs Iraq (Flag)        
11A-35 Australia (Flag)        
11B-72 Road Signs & Ads Italy WW2        
12A-35 Austro-Hungary Flag        
13A-35 Chinese Republic (Flag)        
14A-35 Chinese Peoples Republic (Flag)        
14C-72 Table Cloths        
15A-35 Danish Flag        
15B-72 Allied Road signs North Africa WW2        
15C-72 London Bombing (Base)        
16A-35 Dutch Flag        
17A-35 Egypt 1984 Flag        
18A-35 Falkland Islands (Flag)        
19A-35 Federation of Arab Republics (Flag)        
20A-35 Finnish (Flag)        
20B-72 Faded rugs #2        
21A-35 German Empire (Flag)        
22A-35 Germany (Flag)        
23B-72 Faded rugs #1        
23C-35 Essex (Base)        
24A-35 India (Flag)        
24B-72 Oriental Rugs 1        
24C-35 Essex, Painted (Base)        
25A-35 Iran (Flag)        
25B-72 Oriental Rugs 2        
25C-35 Yorktown (Base)        
26A-35 Israel (Flag)        
26C-72 North Africa Ads WW2        
27A-35 Iraq Syria (Flag)        
28A-35 Italian (Flag)        
29A-35 Libyan (Flag)        
30A-35 NATO (Flag)        
31A-35 New Zealand (Flag)        
32A-35 North Korea (Flag)        
32B-72 Magazines German WW2 This set contains paper prints of well-known German WW2 propaganda journals: Signal, Der Adler, Die Wehrmacht and Die Krigesmarine. Printing is one-sided, but a variety of front covers, interior pages and back covers is provided. Some are black and white, while some are in color. Printing is of high quality, but the paper it is printed on is perhaps too thick to be used as such and might have to be reduced in thickness by peeling a layer from the back. Adding this little detail to a scene will help liven up a scene with little effort but the modeler that strives for historical accuracy will need to take care not to put a magazine with an early model Stuka in a 1945 diorama, unless one assumes the reader is being nostalgic about better times. - Rob Haelterman    
33A-35 Norwegian (Flag)        
33B-72 Mags US WW2        
34A-35 Ottoman (Flag)        
34A-35 South Vietnam (Flag)        
35A-35 Polish (Flag)        
36A-35 Union Jack, British Flag        
36B-72 Paintings 1        
37A-35 Soviet (Flag)        
37B-72 Paintings 2        
37C-72 Dover (Base)        
38A-35 Red Cross (Flag)        
38C-72 C Rations Wooden, WW2        
39A-35 South Korea (Flag)        
39C-72 K Rations Wooden, WW2        
40C-35 Rhodesia (Flag)        
41A-35 Span Civil War Nationalist (Flag)        
41B-35 Kingdom of Hungary (Flag)        
41C-35 Angola (Flag)        
42A-35 Span Civil War Republican (Flag)        
42B-35 Hungary WW2 (Flag)        
42C-35 Cuba (Flag)        
43A-35 Sweden (Flag)        
43B-35 Hungary Cold War (Flag)        
44A-35 Syrian (Flag)        
44B-35 Hungary Revolution (Flag)        
45A-35 Texas (Flag)        
45B-35 Yugoslavia (Flag)        
46A-35 United Arab Rep (Flag)        
46B-35 Yugoslavia KINGDOM (Flag)        
47A-35 France Free French (Flag)        
47B-35 Yugoslavia WW2 (Flag)        
48A-35 German Imperial Navy (Flag)        
48B-35 Serbia kingdom (Flag)        
49A-35 Greek (Flag)        
49B-35 Bulgaria cold war (Flag)        
49C-72 Gunnery (Flag)        
50A-35 Iraq (Flag)        
50B-35 Romania cold war (Flag)        
51A-35 Italy WW2 (Flag)        
51B-72 French Ads WW2        
52A-35 Japan (Flag)        
53A-35 Japan Navy (Flag)        
53B-72 German Ads WW2        
53D-72 German Signs - Eastern Front #1        
54A-35 North Vietnam (Flag)        
55A-35 Pirate 2 (Flag)        
56A-35 Pirate 3 (Flag)        
56C-72 Texas Alamo (Flag)        
57A-35 Pirate 4 (Flag)        
58A-35 Pirate 1 (Flag)        
59A-35 Royal Navy (Flag)        
60A-35 Russian Fed (Flag)        
61A-35 United Nations (Flag)        
61B-35 German Navy Modern (Flag)        
62A-35 Swiss (Flag)        
62B-35 Checkered (Flag)        
63B-35 Japanese Army (Flag)        
63C-72 Cavalry (Flag)        
64A-72 Afghanistan (Maps)        
64B-35 Viet Minh (Flag)        
64C-72 11 ACR (Flag)        
65A-72 Allied North East France WW2 (Maps)        
65B-35 Brit Red Ensign (Flag)        
65C-72 1st Cavalry (Flag)        
66A-72 Allied North West Central France WW2 (Maps)        
66B-35 Scottish (Flag)        
66B-35 St Georges Cross (Flag)        
66C-72 101st Airborne (Flag)        
67A-72 Allied Southern France WW2 (Maps)        
67B-35 Irish (Flag)        
67C-72 82nd Airborne (Flag)        
68A-72 Allied Western Germany WW2 (Flag)        
68B-35 South Africa (Flag)        
68C-72 1st Inf Division (Flag)        
69A-72 Allied Eastern Germany WW2 (Maps)        
69B-35 Brazil (Flag)        
69C-72 25th Inf Division (Flag)        
70A-72 Allied Netherlands WW2 (Maps)        
70B-35 Hong Kong (Flag)        
71A-72 Allied Belgium WW2 (Maps)        
72A-72 German WW2 (Maps)        
73A-72 Allied Greece WW2 (Maps)        
74A-72 Iraq War (Maps)        
74B-72 French Shop WW2 (Sign)        
75A-72 Allied Italy WW2 (Maps)        
76A-72 Korean War (Maps)        
77A-72 Allied Normandy WW2 (Maps)        
78A-72 Allied North Africa WW2 (Maps)        
78B-72 Normandy Road Signs WW2        
79A-72 Allied Pacific WW2 (Maps)        
79B-35 Bohemia (Flag)        
80A-72 Allied Russia WW2 (Maps)        
80C-72 Serbia (92 to 04) (Flag)        
81A-72 Vietnam (Maps)        
81B-72 German Admin Occupied France WW2 (Sign)        
81C-72 Croatia (1990) (Flag)        
82A-72 Allied Poland WW2 (Maps)        
82C-72 Philippines (Flag)        
83A-72 British WW2 (Propaganda)        
83C-72 RCAF 1940 (Flag)        
84C-72 South Vietnam Army (Flag)        
85A-72 Vichy WW2 (Propaganda)        
85C-72 South Vietnam Rangers (Flag)        
86A-72 German WW2 (Propaganda)        
86C-72 Soviet (55-80) (Flag)        
87A-72 Italy WW2 (Propaganda)        
88A-72 North Korea (Propaganda)        
89A-72 Soviet 1 WW2 (Propaganda)        
90A-72 Soviet 2 WW2 (Propaganda)        
92A-72 US WW2 (Propaganda)        
98A-72 Italy WW2 (Signs)        
99A-72 Highway Iraq (Signs)        
99B-35 Ukraine (Flag)        

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