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Believed to be manufactured in the USA.

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DM-101WW1 Rhomboids #1For the Airfix Mark I heavy tank but most likely usable for Emhar kits as well.   
DM-103Brasilian AFV'sSet contains national roundel markings and license plates for Brasilian vehicles into the postwar era including M-8 armored cars in Italy, M-3 Lee medium tanks, M4A1 Shermans, M-3 and M3A1 Stuarts, M-3 scout cars, FT-17's, M-41's and M-109 SPG's.   
DM-104Arab ArmiesNational markings, license plates and tactical symbols for Egyptian, Jordanian and Syria vehicles.   
DM-115U.S.Tanks and AFVs 1940-1943Provides a selection of U.S. tanks, reconn vehicles including M3 light and Medium tanks, M3 Halftracks, M4 Medium tanks, M2 light and medium tanks, and M3 Scout car.   
DM-116U.S. National Markings, 1940-1942Different sizes of U.S. stars in yellow, USAAF style 2nd AD markings, U.S. flags and white stars with blue roundel as used in Tunisa and Sicily.   
DM-118Churchills, Stuarts & SextonVarious marks including Churchill III, IV, NA75, and Churchill VII & VIII Infantry tanks and includes serial numbers, unit markings, nicknames and tactical markings for these vehicles.   
DM-121Free French Markings, WW2Markings for Free French forces of the 1st, 2nd and 5th French Armored Divisions and vehicles including M-4 Shermans (M4A2 of 2DB, M4A4 of 1 &5 DB, M4A1, M4A3 and M4A3 105mm), M-8 armored car, M-10, M-7 Priest SPGs and M3 & M5 halftracks.   
DM-141Char B1s of the 3rd DCRMarkings for for approximately 70 Char B1s of the 3rd DCR during World War 2.   

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Kit list last updated 15 July 2010