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Located in the U.K. Though they offer a variety of aircraft related display bases, they also have a few that may be somewhat relevant for armour modellers.

Diorama Items
Display bases primarily for photography use
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
CKAFV100-72US Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV101-72US Armour Display Base 02148x105mm
CKAFV102-72US Armour Display Base 03148x105mm
CKAFV200-72British Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV201-72British Armour Display Base 02148x105mm
CKAFV300-72Russian Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV301-72Russian Armour Winter Cam Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV400-72German Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV401-72German Armour Display Base 02148x105mm
CKAFV450-72Canadian Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV455-72Canadian Armour Display Base 02148x105mm
CKAFV456-72Israeli Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV457-72French Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV500-72Japanese Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV502-72Hungarian Armour Display Base148x105mm
CKAFV510-72Afrika Korps Display Base148x105mm
CKS022-72Country Road Display Base210x148mm
CKS022L-72Country Road (Long) Display Base420x148mm
CKS108-72WVietnam Hardstand with revetment walls297x210mm
CKS1200-72Airfield Control Tower Display Base420x297mm
CKS122-72PSP/Marsden Matting297x210mm
CKS123-72PSP/Marsden Matting 02297x210mm
CKS180-72Desert Surface Display Base297x210mm
CKS210-72LLarge Grass420x297mm
CKS211-72Grass 02297x210mm
CKS212Missile Pad297x210mm
CKS702-72Countryside Base & Background Display Base300x120x180mm
CKS704-72Ruined Building Base & Background Set148x105x105mm
CKS736-72Normandy Street Display Base and Background204x70x100mm
CKS801Motor Pool Base & Background Set with attachment clip
CKS803-72Desert Storm Base & Background set297x140x210mm
CKS880-72FOB Base & Background set300x137x164mm
CKS912BG-72Palm Trees Background297x210mm
CKS920DS-72Aircraft Diorama Set366x166x200mm; may be suitable for factory settings
CKS921DS-72Luftwaffe Hanger Diorama Set367x166x200mm; may be suitable for factory settings

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Kit list last updated 28 January 2022