Britannia Miniatures
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From the UK. The Britannia Miniatures is now owned by Grubby Tanks, and their current product line can be obtained from either source. The company currently manufactures a line of figures which we will not list here due to what we feel is their dwarfish stature.

Diorama Items
These are believed to be cast in white metal and out of production.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
DWH1Atlantic Wall MG bunker
DWH2Atlantic Wall heavy MG bunker with Renault Turret
DWH3Atlantic Wall HQ with OP platform
DWH4Atlantic Wall girder beach obstacle with Tellermine
DWH5Atlantic Wall PAK bunker camouflaged as small house
DWH6Atlantic wall Pak 39 or Flak 38 open emplacement
DWH7Strip of 3 large dragon teeth
DWH8Normandy cottage
DWH9Brandenburg gate
DWH10Russian Cottage (thatched roof)
DWH11Russian Cottage (damaged thatched roof)
DWH13Ruined Dutch house (partial roof)
DWH14Ruined corner house with toilet
DWH15Russian L-shaped cottage

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Kit list last updated 04 October 2015