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B.U.M. (Barcelona Universal Models), Mech-Sword and Pobeda all appear to be related in some form as kit boxings sometimes have multiple logos and the kits are sold exclusively through the same website. B.U.M. appears to be the umbrella organization located in Spain. It is thought that Pobeda and Mech-Sword labelled items are produced in Russia. The B.U.M. brand appears to be mostly pre-WW2 subjects, while Pobeda covers mostly WW2 Eastern Front subjects and Mech-Sword covers other WW2 subjects - American, British, Italian and Japanese.

Items are usually limited issue releases, mostly of kits from other manufacturers such as Airfix, Amodel, Atlantic, Esci, Fujimi, Giant, ICM, LW, Marx, Matchbox, Mir, Revell, RPM, SDW and UM, to name a few, and copied to a large degree. In many cases multi-part vehicles are re-cast as single or two piece resin items. There is no consistencey with material used. Many new releases are in hard and soft resin, though figures & accessories remain largely in plastic. Resin parts, especially the vehicles and guns, appear to be extremely crude.

B.U.M. also markets some
resin kits, Spanish Civil War figure sets and diorama accessories .

Kits - Plastic
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
5002 Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. A Actually a 1/76th scale Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. B. reboxing of Fujimi kit.    
5003 C.V.T. Italiana Rebox of the DOC Models CV-33 Tankette, plus a resin field kitchen trailer.    
5006 T-26B Rebox of the UM (ex-Skif) kit.    
5012 AS-2 Airfield Starter Truck Rebox of the UM kit.    
5015 Armored truck with figures    
5020 BT-5 Rebox of the UM kit.    
5021 Bilbao Armored Car Rebox of the LW kit? Crude limited-run model.    
5022 BA-6 Rebox of the UM kit.    
5027 Blindado 8tons truck with figures Rebox of the UM kit.    
5028 Gaz BZ-38 Fuel Truck with hangar Rebox of the UM kit.    
5029 Gaz truck with 75mm cannon Rebox of the UM kit.    
5030 Gaz AAA truck Rebox of the UM kit.    
5032 Artillery with crew    
5034FT-17re-boxed HaT FT-17 cannon version with 8 figures
5036FT-17re-boxed HaT FT-17 MG version and 5 figures
7050German Commanders WW2reboxed 1/76 scale Fujimi Kubelwagen and Motorcycle, and figures
7151German Commanders WW2re-boxed 1/76 scale Fujimi Kubelwagen and figures
7152Battle of Moscow Transport Tramre-boxed Military Wheels kit
715320mm Flakvierlingre-boxed Military Wheels kit

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
192Pantherincludes German Atlantic Wall bunker, gun, crew, tanks and tank obstacles
19988mm FlaKincludes resin bunker, gun and figures
5009BA-20contains one piece resin Ba-20 with figures, ruins and bases
5023 Trubia Tank with figures    
5024 Armoured car with figures    
5026 Schneider tank    
503575 mm Canoncontains one piece resin gun, 5 figures and gun emplacement
5042Schneider 70mm mle 08 and Soviet 45mm AT guncontains one of each gun, figures and bunker
5043Horch 830 Radiocarcontains one piece resin vehicle, figures and telephone pole
504588mm Flakcontains resin gun, 8 figures and base
5046105mm Cannoncontains German leFH18 howitzer,5 figures and gun emplacement
5047Tanko Blindada 8t 1921contains one piece resin armoured car with crew and 7 figures
5050Schneider tankcontains one piece resin tank, 27 figures and ruins
5053Lanchester 1936contains one piece resin and 5 figures and bunker
5063Lancia IZ Mcontains 2 piece resin kit, 5 figures and bunker
5064Cannone 75/27contains gun, 4 figures and gun emplacement
5065Cannone 152/37-44contains gun, 4 figures and gun emplacement
5100Krupp 77mm M96nAcontains 2 cannons and 23 figures
5102FT-17contains 1 piece resin command tank and 5 infantry figures
7180Tatra 111 and Praga V38 Pontoon Bridge
7181V38 Truck and generatorincludes tents

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
5017 First aid post    
5019 Sin Refugio, damaged cars and dead animals    
5070Spanish Civil War stone bunker with machinegun and crew
5101Guerra Del Rifcontains armoured railcar and 3 figures

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
5000 Spanish Civil War - "La Legion" Spanish Foreign Legion. Includes 36 soft plastic figures in 12 poses.    
5001 Spanish Civil War - Republican Infantry Includes 36 soft plastic figures in 12 poses.    
5004Guerra Civil Espanola
5005Guerra Civil Espanola
5013 Spanish Civil War - "To The Barricades!" Includes a vacuform barricade, a wrecked motorcycle (resin), and 11 resin figures, all fatalities. Very poorly done.    
5033CTV Italiana
5051Alcazar du Toledo (2)

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