Andrea Miniatures
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From Spain. Renowned for their large scale figures, Andrea Minatures now produces a line of 1/72 scale items. Andrea Miniatures also produces a line of figures under the Eisernes Kreuz label.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
PH72-F001US Marine, 1945White metal & resin
S12-S01WW II German U-Boat CrewWhite metal
S12-S02WWII U-Boat Deck Gun CrewWhite metal
S12-S03Kriegsmarine, Deck Personnel, Working (1939-1945)White metal
S12-S04U-Boat Crew 2White metal
S12-S05U-Boat Crew 3White metal
S12-S06U-Boat Crew 4White metal
S12-S07U-Boat Crew 5White metal
S12-S08M.Wittmann in Villers-Bocage (Normandy June 1944)White metal

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Kit list last updated 27 December 2018