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From Russia.

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A43 D-30 122mm howtizer        
KAMAZ-43269 "Dozor"        
KAMAZ-43269 BPM-97 "Vystrel"        
2B9 "Vasilek" gun-mortar with crew        
KAMAZ-43269 BRM "Dozor-M" with early BTR-70 turret        
KAMAZ-43269 BRM "Dozor-M" with MB2 combat module
A74 UAZ-3962 Ambulance        
A75 UAZ-3962 Military Traffic Police        
A76 DT-75        
A77 UAZ-3909 Fire Dpt.        
A78 UAZ-3909 Police        
BMW 1200R Police        
GAZ 3302 "Gazelle" with tarp        
GAZ 3302 "Gazelle" VAN        
A94 GAZ 3302 "Gazelle" with load        
A96Diesel Generator EDS-20 & Gas Generator AB-2-0
A97GAZ 3302 "Gazelle" short bed with tarp
A98GAZ 3302 "Gazelle" long bed with tarp
A99ChTz T-150K
A100PZM-2 Regimental Digger
A103GAZ 3302 "Gazelle" Fire Dpt.
A105UAZ-3303 (UAZ-452D) Golovastik
A1079K714 Oka / SS-23 Spider
A109152mm 2A36 Giatsint-B (Hyacinth-B)
A114Gazelle Ambulance
A1159K79 Tochka-U / SS-21 Scarab-B
A116GAZ-66 airborne
A117Airborne MLRS 9P125
A118GAZ-66 R-142N
A119Airborne Army Rover 4x4
A120GAZ-66 Oil Supply Truck MZ-66
A123-1GAZ-66 Refuelling Truck TZ-2-66-D airborne
A123-2GAZ-66 Refuelling Truck TZ-2-66
A1289A33B Osa / SA-8 Gecko

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A45 Ural-4320 tarp for ICM kit      
A48 Zil-131 tarp - open for ICM kit      
A49 Zil-131 tarp for ICM kit      
Ural "gun truck" tarp for ICM kit      
Ural tarp - early - closed for ICM kit      
Tachanka - Civil War in Russia
A58 USSR / Russian army accessories        
A59 20ft dry container        
A61 Container residential module - type 1        
A62 Container residential module - type 2        
A65 BTR-70 turret - early        
A66 MB2 combat module with 30mm gun 2A42        
A13012.7mm DShKMT

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A44Russian army tent UST 56    
A46Russian army tent USB 56    
A73Concrete Slab road 2P 30-18-30    

Resin figures.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A01 Army of The Russian Federation 2014        
A02 Russian tank crews        
A03 Belbek Airport 2014        
A04 Russian tank battalion repair        
A05 Russian staff officers        
A06 Russian soldiers in trucks        
A07 ATGM "Metis"        
A08 FSB border troops        
A09 World Midnight - The Settlers        
A10 Russia aricraft preparation for the flight        
A11 Russian aircraft maintenance work        
A12 Russian aircraft carts for weapons        
A13 Russian NBC troops        
A14 Concrete Jungle - Bodyguards        
A15 Concrete Jungle - Bikers        
A16 Police Force        
A17 Concrete Jungle - Hooligans        
A18 Concrete Jungle - Street Protests        
A19 World Midnight - The Scouts        
A20 Concrete Jungle - Drivers        
A21 Russian Spetsnaz GRU 90s        
A22 Russian Aerospace Force 2015        
A23 Concrete Jungle - Bandits        
A24 AGS-17 (AGL) team        
A27 Engineering sapper team "Bomb Squad"        
A28 Russian Interior Ministry officers        
A29 Drug control Special Forces        
A30 FSB Alfa Group        
A31 Russian APC raiders
A32 Workshop        
A33 Russian Sappers        
A34 Russian scout & recon equipment        
A35 Command & dispatching center        
A36 Russian mechanized infantry        
A37 Platform-M Robot with crew        
A38 Parade - flag bearersequipment        
A39 Syria 2016 - militia        
A40 Parade - Army Band        
A41 Syria 2016 - SAR army        
A42 Russian airborn artillery crew        
A47 Syria 2016 - militia - set 2        
A50 "No Man Left Behind" - casualty evac for ICM kit      
A53 Russian tank crew on parade        
A55 Russian fire brigade        
A68 Concrete Jungle - Townsfolk        
A69 Russian engineering detachment        
A70 UAV "Patrol-2" with operators        
A71 Russian motorized infantry in attack        
A72 Russian rocket launcher crew        
A101Russian SP gun crew

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Kit list last updated 20 March 2021