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White metal detail accessories made in England. Company appears to be out of business as of 2010. Though Aeroclub makes primarily aircraft items, some of their weapons offerings could be used on armoured vehicles or in dioramas. There are many cases where ground units have employed scavenged aircraft guns for their own purposes. The list below has been edited to remove as many items as possible that were obviously only useable for aircraft applications.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
G0012 x Vickers WW1 Water Cooled Guns
G0022 x WW1 Lewis Mk3 Guns
G0032 x WW1 German Spandau Guns
G0042 x German Parabellum Guns
G0052 x Vickers K Guns
G0062 x WW1 Schwarlose Water Cooled Guns
G0072 x Vickers Air Cooled Guns
G0081 x Oerlikon 20mm Cannon
G0092 x Luftwaffe MG 15 Guns
G0102 x Luftwaffe MG 131 Guns
G0112 x Luftwaffe MG 81 Guns
G0122 x WW1 Lewis Mk.2 Guns (Jacket Type)
G0132 x Vickers F Guns
G0142 x Parabellum Guns (Early Jacket Type)
G0152 x Browning .50 Flexi Guns
G0162 x WW1 Hotchkiss Guns
G0172 x WW1 Lewis Infantry Type Guns
G0182 x Browning .30 Flexi Guns
G0192 x Browning (BSA) .303 Fixed Guns
G0202 x WW1 Hotchkiss Infantry Type Guns
G0212 x Bergmann Guns
G0222 x ShKAS 7.62 Guns
G0232 x Degtyerev 7.62 Guns
G0242 x M60 Helicopter (Door) Gun
G0262 x WW1 Lewis Gun on Foster Mount
G0272 x MG81 Zwillig Guns
G0282 x GPMG Helicopter Door Gun
G0292 x WW1 Stripped Schwarlose Guns
G0302 x French MAC 34 Guns
G0312 x French Lewis Darne Guns
G0322 x French Darne 7.62 Guns
G0332 x Danish Madsen Guns
G0342 x Italian Revelli Guns
G0352 x Twin Browning Gun Units
G0362 x Twin Browning Turret Barrel Units
G0382 x Marlin Guns
G0392 x 20mm Hispano Cannon

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Kit list last updated 01 January 2010