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This manufacturer appears to be from Italy. This list is a compilation of a number of different sources, some better than others regarding their detail information. If anyone has more to offer for this list please contact us.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
A2-001Panzer numbers - red
A2-002Panzer numbers - black
A2-003Panzer numbers - white outline
A2-004UN peacekeeping vehicles
A2-005Cavalry Regiments insignia
A2-006Various Cavalry Regiments
A2-007Calvary & Lancer regiments
A2-008Carabinieri vehicles
A2-009Police vehicles
A2-010Post-WW II Italian Carabinieri
A2-011Army insignia, 1950's
A2-013Italian L6 tanks in the Second World War
A2-014Italian AB 41 armored cars in the Second World War
A2-017Italian Auto cannons and trailers
A2-018RSI insignia
A2-022Lancia IZM armoured car

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Kit list last updated 05 April 2015