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Diorama accessories from the UK.

Diorama Accessories
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Industrial Building        
  Cafe / Shop        
  Cobbled Road with Pavement        
  Betonfundament concrete gun mount        
  Rural Wall Set        
  Warehouse with Roof        
  Warehouse Extension Set        
  Rubble Pile        
  Barn Insert / Building (Semi Ruin)        
  French Propaganda Posters        
  Chapel Can be built undamaged or damaged Preview    
  Crate stacks        
  Tobruk Style Concrete Bunker        
  Gun Emplacement        
  Single Span Bridge        
  ETO Derelict Cottage        
  Wall Set        
  Cast Concrete Panels        
  Chemical Works / Factory        
  Single Span Rural Bridge        
  Normandy Shop / Cafe        
  Church Corner        
  Cafe Shop Mixed Media        
  Severly Damaged Bullet Ridden Office        
  Cafe / Shop + Industrial Building Combo set      
  Cafe / Shop + Industrial Building + Cobbled Road Combo set      
  Cafe / Shop + Cobbled Road Combo set      
  Industrial Building + Cobbled Road Combo set      
  Betonfundament + Panzersperre Combo set      
  Warehouse Set Combo set      

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Kit list last updated: 04 October 2014