ACE Corporation
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Plastic model kits from South Korea. These are re-releases of Revell kits.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
3302 Sherman M4A1
3320 Challenger 1 Mk. 3
3321 Panzerhaubitze 2000
3323 Cromwell Mk. IV When compared to the Revell kit, the Ace Corp. Cromwell is as sharp and accurate as what Revell produces. The only differences are in the decals, which are for the 11th Armored Division in Flers (same as Revell but with a different tank number) and Div. HQ Squadron, 1st Polish Armoured Div. - Mikko Rantonen
3324 M2A2 Bradley
3325 Leopard 1 A5
3329 King Tiger Henschel Turret
3330 T-34/85
3331 Leclerc T.5
3331 Sherman M4A1 for some reason this kit has the same number as for the Leclerc above and not 3302 of the Sherman M4A1
3334 Merkava Mk. III
3340 M60 A1 US Marines
3344 Warrior MCV

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Kit list last updated 08 March 2015