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Resin conversion and update sets from the UK.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
  Late/Final Pz IV Ausf. J Conversion set for Revell Panzer IV Ausf. J    

Wider Panzer III or IV tracks. Not to be confused with Winterketten.
Designed to fit Revell's Panzer IV, Panzer III and Nashorn. Will fit Dragon's StuG IV and Nashorn with some tweaking.

  Panzer IV tools and equipment For a mid production Panzer IV Ausf. F - G Preview  
  Panzer IV/70 late/final Conversion for Hasegawa's PzIV/70 "Jagdpanzer".    
  StuG IV improvement set (late) For Dragon kit    
  StuG IV improvement set (early) For Dragon kit    
  Asymmetrical late Tiger turret Conversion for Dragon late Tiger I with Zimmerit.    
  Asymmetrical early Tiger turret Conversion for Revell early Tiger. (Will also fit Dragon and Hasegawa kits.)    

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Kit list last updated 20 February 09