72nd Brigade
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Resin kits from Pennsylvania, USA. Company is now defunct. Much of their product line is now available at Iron Division II

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
? M-60/M-60A1 Upper Hull conversion
For Revell M-60A3 and M-60A1 ERA kits      
? M-113A1 Interior Set
For Trumpeter M-113's      
M4A2 Direct Vision Conversion Contains Upper Hull and new rear lower plate Preview    
Sherman III DV Conversion Contains DV Upper Hull, Rear Lower hull plate, Early Turret shell and base ring, raincoat box      
Mk.IC "Hybrid" Firefly Contains Upper Hull, Raer hull stowage box, accessory stowage box, spare track sections x2, spare track boxes x2, Hatches and fenders Preview
72004 M4 "Composite" Upper Hull
contains upper hull, optional rear deck covers, travel lock, hatches, fenders 172Shermans.com     
M4 "Big Hatch" Conversion Upper hull, rear lower hull plate, exhaust, air cleaners, engine air intake cover      
Late T-23 76mm Turret Contains turret shell, base ring, mantlet, hatches, MG mounts for top and turret rear      
75mm Low Bustle turret "Early" 1943 turret shell/base ring, Hatches, Full Vision Cupola, MG mounts for top and rear      
72008 75mm Low Bustle turret "Late" 1943
turret shell/ring, Hatches, Full Vision Cupola, MG Mounts for top and rear      
"Sharp" Final Drive Covers set of 2      
"Blunt" Final Drive Covers set of 2      
M4A2 Welded Hoods Upper Hull Upper hull and lower hull rear      
72012 M4 Direct Vision set of rear engine cover, lower hull rear plate, exhaust and aircleaners 172Shermans.com     

Kit list last updated: 11 January 2013
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