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TK 7001 Chinese ZTZ-99A MBT The ZTZ-99A is a major revision of the ZTZ-99. The differences are marked in this picture taken from that website.
As you can see, the wheel spacing between the ZTZ-99A is practically even and narrow. Now, consider the wheel spacing of the kit.
The kit essentially retains the spacing of the wheels as seen on the ZTZ-99. You can compare the above picture with this picture of the S-Model kit, which depicts a ZTZ-99.
The consequence is that the Transform model of the ZTZ-99A is way, way, way too long. It is an unfixable error. - T. Lau
TK 7002Chinese ZTZ-96B MBT
TK 7003German MBT Leopard 2A5/A6released jointly with Border Model
TK 7004Mid East War Pickup + DShK
TK 7005Mid East War Pickup + ZPU-2
TK 7007Stryker M1296 Dragoon
TK 7008M1128 Stryker MGS
TK 7009Stryker M1128 MGS Upgrade

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Kit list last updated 21 November 2021