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Not much information found for this manufacturer. They are believed to be from Taiwan.

The track sets appear to be resin, but they may actually be 3D printed.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
TK72001tracks for Dragon Panther G series
TK72002tracks for Dragon T-34 series
TK72003tracks for Dragon Sd.Kfz.251 series
TK72004tracks for Dragon Panzer IV late series
TK72005tracks for Dragon Tiger I late series
TK72006tracks for Dragon Tiger I early series
TK72007tracks for Dragon Sherman E tank
TK72008tracks for Dragon & UM Sherman tank
TK72009tracks for Dragon M4A3E8 tank
TK72010tracks for Dragon Panther A/G series
TK72011tracks for Dragon Churchill tank
TK72012tracks for Dragon Ferdinand series
TK72013tracks for Dragon Tiger II series
TK72014tracks for Dragon LVT series
TK72015tracks for Dragon M2/M3/AAVP7 series
TK72016tracks for Dragon Panzer III & IV series
N72150M1A2 TUSK Upgradeetched set possibly for the T-Model kit
N72151M1A2 TUSK Upgradeetched set possibly for the Flyhawk kit

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Kit list last updated 09 December 2021