Panzer IV Waffenträger by Marko Mäkinen
Manufacturer: Hasegawa/Revell/Italeri Kitbash email: mtm66pz(at)
Well, what can I say. This is a "what if" project portraying a heavy German self propelled anti-tank gun. It was built to utilise a lot of left-over parts and spare box stuff. The model has been constructed on the basis of a munitionspanzer upper hull by Hasegawa, panzer IV lower hull and wheels by Revell, main gun from Italeri Elefant plus some scratchbuilding and miscellaneous small parts from several other kits. The vehicle itself is, of course, pure fantasy. Nonetheless, It could be explained as an experiment to carry the potent 88 on a panzer IV chassis, which as an idea in real life resulted in the realisation of the Nashorn/Hornisse.
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