KV-122 by Paul Marshall
Edited by Al Magnus
Manufacturer: PST (72009) email: pmarsh01(at)btinternet(dot)com

The kit handrails were replaced by wire, gun barrels drilled out and the main gun replaced by the Aber 122mm D-25T (72L-04). The tow cables are by Eureka.

After grey primer, the base undercoat was a mix of Citadel Dark Flesh (to replicate Red Primer) and Tamiya Nato Black in different sections. The base coat was a mix of Tamiya XF61 + XF65 at a 2:1 ratio. This was then covered with AK Light Chipping Fluid so that I could reveal small sections of the Red Primer undercoat, etc., although some sections then disappeared under the weathering process. Some fuel stains and spillage added with AK Fuel Stains. I attempted some cast texture on the turret and the weld seams using Mr. Surfacer. Various Mig Mud Pigments were also applied.

This kit was a joy to build as it went together very well, with minimal clean-up.
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