Got Gas ?
by Michael Rankin
Edited by Rob Haelterman
  email: Mikekreig(at)outlook(dot)com

This scene is set in France, after the breakout from Normandy, when the allies were having supply difficulties.

The M4 A1 Sherman is by Dragon and the jeep is Airfix.
The figures are Italeri and MMS.
The pine trees are by Woodland Scenics. I painted the trunks and dry brushed the foliage to try and make them look more realistic.
I made the fence out of balsa wood and the retaining wall "logs" are twigs from an Ake Ake tree.
For the road I used a piece of 80 grit garnet paper.
All the rest of the scenic material is a mix of Heki, Noch and Woodland Scenics.

Dragon's M4 A1 gave me some problems; the DS tracks were too short by four links per side.
Stretching them only gained one link, so I filled the gaps with leftover Trumpeter tracks which didn't blend in too well at all.
Then I hid the joins with grass tufts.

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