Road to Kursk
by Michael Rankin
Edited by Rob Haelterman
  email: Mikekreig(at)outlook(dot)com


I completed this diorama about a year ago so please excuse the dust and cobwebs.

The house is the Pegasus Karilian Izba which I found at my local model shop when I went in for some paint.

Vehicles are:

  • IBG Bren Carrier
  • Ace Gaz pickup
  • Mirage M3
  • PST Studebaker US6

The figures are AB miniatures, Airfix, ESCI, and Zvezda.

I made the Birch trees from Yarrow and the big Ash tree is a modified Woodland Scenics tree.
Woodland Scenics Realistic Water was used for the pond with a copper wire Eel. I flattened one end for a tail and glued plastic fins to the head end.

For the firewood I used Wattle twigs and Yarrow. Everything else was out of my "scenic cupboard" and I'm not sure of the brands.

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