Panzer IV Ausf. H

Manufacturer: Revell (03119)

By Marko Mäkinen.

Built almost straight out of the box with only minor additions (handles, opening-up of holes), since the model itself is such a jewel. Unfortunately the painting did not succeed too well, as the fine line nozzle of my Aztec airbrush was getting badly clogged at the time and gave out only occasional bursts of finer pattern. I only replaced it afterwards. A great and easy to use airbrush, but prone to jamming with acrylics, it seems. The kit was originally finished in 2001, but I replaced the schürtzen side armor plates with better painted ones later. The kits appearance would benefit from plates made of metal, but this time I did not bother to manufacture them. These photographs show the kit with replaced armor plates. Their tone differs a bit from the rest of the vehicle, but can easily be explained by normal spare part usage.

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