IS-3M by Paul Marshall
Edited by Al Magnus
Manufacturer: Trumpeter (07228) email: pmarsh01(at)btinternet(dot)com

This IS-3M is depicted in Egyptian markings.

The main gun replaced by the Aber 122mm D-25T (72L-04). The tow cables from Eureka. The straps around the smoke canisters are masking tape as the molded-on ones were quite poor. Also my best guess at replicating the configuration of the air-lines and clips on the Auxiliary Tanks was done using 0.3mm PlusModel lead wire. Maybe a bit overscale but as small as I wanted to work with.

After grey primer, the base undercoat was Gunze 303 Green. This was then covered with AK Light Chipping Fluid and a light coat of Gunze 313 Yellow was oversprayed and then chipped to reveal areas of base green. Also Vallejo 70822 German Camo Black Brown was used to simulate chipping down to the base metal due to sand erosion and general neglect. Some fuel stains and spillage added with AK Fuel Stain Fluid. General stains were done with AK OIF Streaking Fluid. I attempted some cast texture on the turret welds and the bow plate using Mr Surfacer. Various Mig Mud/Earth Pigments were also applied.

Fun to build as it went together very well.
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