auf VK 45.01 (P) Porsche “Tiger” Chassis

by Tony “Panzer 1946” Ivey

Manufacturers :

• Resin Master Kit # 2G22 (resin “Rammtiger” body)
• Dragon Models (plastic VK 45.01 (P) base kit)
• Wee Friends (metal tracks, road wheels, drive sprockets/ idler wheels & connecting arms)


Background: For fighting in cities, a vehicle with a ram was to be built on the Porsche “Tiger” chassis, and used to destroy occupied buildings.

The old Resin Masters conversion piece is very close in measurements to the drawings of the Rammtiger and that Resin Masters Rammtiger was also free of defects and no flash to clean off.

I made an internal brace to sit the Rammtiger body onto the top of the Dragon Porsche Tiger.
Going by the drawings of the Rammtiger, the body should sit a little higher than as was modeled on the FCM version and on most 1/35 scale kits. You should see the track fenders on both sides (the long flat portions).
I also added a 'V-brace' to the front end. I believe the front should have extra strengthening, because it's main function was to ram buildings. I made the V-brace connect to existing tow points on the Porsche Tiger.
I added spare tracks to the lower front, and used an aftermarket MG barrel.

I wanted to show some late war colouring on her, so I went a little out of my comfort zone this time. The basecoat is RLM 75 (Grauviolet) and RAL 7008 (Khakibraun). I made a tool to create the 'c-shaped' patterns and then put a flat coat on it. Then for the first time I used artists oils for the wash : Raw Sienna and Burnt Umber. I really like the effect and plan to use this technique again.

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