by Jim Gordon

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer: Trumpeter email : jamesmgordon1(at)gmail(dot)com
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This is Trumpeter's Elefant built for the most part out of the box depicting a unit in Italy. The detail is very fine and the fit is good for the most part as well.

I would rate the kit advanced in difficulty mostly because of the track assembly, which, despite good intentions, is poorly engineered. The length segments cannot be faulted, but the individual link segments are difficult to remove from the sprue, cleanup is tedious, and they just do not want to fit together in either alignment or spacing around the wheels. They required at least one hour per side of intense manipulation, and even then there are uneven spaces between some links, but I am willing to look at the forest rather than the trees because the finished kit is a fine replica. This kit, with some OKB Grigorov resin tracks (if and when they make them), would be a winning combination.

For color I used cheap craft store acrylics mixed to my eye, Krylon gloss and matte acrylic sprays, and a $7 craft store oil paint set to weather things. To break up the monotone yellow, I used a subliminal green spider web pattern under the yellow, and a "fractal" application of random brown splotches on top of the yellow.



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