by Jim Gordon

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer: Revell email : jamesmgordon1(at)gmail(dot)com

The Nashorn was the later version of the 1942 Hornisse tank hunter; itself the first German AFV to mount the awesome 88mm Pak43 L/71 anti-tank gun.

This model is Revell's Nashorn, kit number 03148. It is a superb kit. The engineering and fit of the parts is first rate, perhaps the best I've ever worked with. For example, the link and length tracks were perfect in circumference with no adjustments whatsoever. The Pak43 detail is excellent and there is enough fighting compartment detail to justify display without a crew, although I did add some scratched 88 rounds and stowage bags to fill some empty spaces. I added the top rail, rear jerry can holder, MG pintles and MG42 and foliage wire. The foliage itself is tiny bits of foam glued to roots from the garden and painted green. The swaths of camo net are painted cheese cloth.

As these vehicles were standoff weapons, I created an ambush look. The trick is to add enough foliage to give a good impression without obscuring too much of the model's detail and form. As this kit is currently widely available at $10 U.S. there is no reason not to get one and build one of the best looking AFVs of WW2.


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