Jagdpanzer IV

by Jim Gordon

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer: Esci kit #8319 email : jamesmgordon1(at)gmail(dot)com

This was maybe my first braille armor model back in 1990, and over the years I've reworked and repainted it half a dozen times, never liking the finished results as it never looked "right".

This nagged me for 23 years, so recently I challenged myself to rebuild it yet again. Parts were missing, it was in L/70 fitment and it was painted in random colors as I had found a use for it as a painting test mule.

First I fabricated the schürzen to hide most of the running gear as the tracks are pieced together from leftovers. I replaced the former L/70 gun with the L/48, fabricated from spare parts, which is correct for the hot knife zimmerit pattern I applied years ago.
I then opened the hatches, cut out the telescope hatch and scratched the telescope and gunner's periscope. Fine copper wire acts as foliage wire.
The barrel travel lock should have been removed but since I scratchbuilt it a long time ago I'm fond of it and I think it adds a nice detail to the bow.
I used 89 cent craft store acrylics mixed to my eye for paint and equally cheap oils for washes. The model is a tad rough in many places, but I feel it adds to the character.

I feel I got it right this time and I am finally done with it. So don't trash bin your old models in favor of the latest, greatest thing! Use the old stuff to improve your skills and the results can be rewarding.

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