Panther A

by Jim Gordon

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer: Esci email : jamesmgordon1(at)gmail(dot)com



This is Esci my Panther A, which I built years ago then set aside to wait for better tracks to magically appear.

They finally did, in the form of OKB Grigorov's Panther mid production resin tracks. These are magically superb castings, the quality is first rate.

New tracks in hand, I added hot knife Zimmerit, schurtzen and a full complement of hangers, and fabricated the MG mount and other small parts. The yellow is acrylic sprayed, the green/brown mottle is artist's chalks, sealed with Krylon matte fixative. The figures are vinyl and added for scale effect.

Let's just say the model represents a scene in Normandy as I wrote the actual unit info on the hull bottom, and the model is now affixed to the base. Most gratifying for me was finally finishing this model after two decades of sitting on the shelf and having it meet my expectations of both then and now.


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