Opel Blitz

Omnibus Stabswagen

by Jim Gordon

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer: Roden #723 email : jamesmgordon1(at)gmail(dot)com

Overall a finely detailed kit but difficulties lie forward of the firewall where a fiddly, multi-part front end assembly makes proper alignment extremely trying.

The interior and roof rack allow for super detailing if one wishes, I treated the interior moderately. I spent many hours just to build enough stowage to fill the luggage rack! The model was constructed with a removable roof as I wanted the interior to be accessible. Flooring of the interior is stained wood - HO scale lumber - as well as the roof's forward platform. I added the MG34 on an improvised mount as I felt the bus needed some defensive capability, and things just look better with a gun.

The paint is craft acrylics, the yellow is sprayed but the green is brushed on. Because of the interior and roof treatments, this model takes as long to build as three armour models. However, I feel it was worth it as it indeed tested my skills and in the end, this piece really stands out in my collection.

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