G6 H45

by Dirk Schenk

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer : Aerographix email : dirk(dot)schenk(at)telkomsa(dot)net


Here are some photographs of the Aerographix G6 H45. This is the export version of the G6 but I still finished it in the SADF nutria brown scheme since I have seen at least one of the export versions in this finish.
The SADF version had a slightly different configuration for the turret than the export version. The G6 is HUGE by any standard and I include a photo next to a Centurion Mk.6 for comparison purposes. As a matter of interest, 4 pre-production models were inserted into Angola as part of Operation Moduler during 1987 and used with devastating effect together with the towed G5. I suppose this was a great way to gather operational data for the final production versions.

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