Jagdpanzer IV/L70

by Daniel Eyckmans

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer : Esci email : eyckmans.d(at)gmail(dot)com

The model is build mostly OOB, with an Aber gun barrel (ref 72 L-31)

The bedrolls on the rear are from Value Gear.
The model is detailed using the drawings and pictures in the Steelmaster Hors Serie 4 (older type of exhaust, solid roadwheels at the front (from the Monogram Stug IV, not the best choice, but I didn't feel much for scratchbuilding them),and the targeting system (a least I think that's what it is) just in front of the tank commander came from the Esci Hetzer)

I like to try out painting/weathering techniques I read about in modeling magazines, so I tried this one :
The model was painted with my usual Tamiya spray paints, then received 2 washes AK Heavy Chipping, another coat of Tamiya white spray, and the chipping was done using a toothpick and an old hard toothbrush.
When all this was dry, the model received a heavy wash with MiG Productions earth wash, finishing with a few drybrushes here and there to reproduce a heavy weathered effect.
I find the result too "scratched" for the "weathered" look I tried to achieve.

The mud mixture that covers the underside is Vallejo Earth Brown, gloss varnish, Faller grass and MiG Productions acrylic resin. For the gloss effect on the upper hull I used AK Wet Effects Fluid.

The tank commander is part of the Ceasar WW2 German Tank Crew set (ref HB03), looks toy-like in the pictures, but the real thing looks a lot better.


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