StuIG 33 (Early)

by Andi Moser

Marc Mercier

Manufacturer : Attack Models email : andi_moser(at)gmx(dot)de

I wanted to built a more early version, relatively pure and not too much messed up with equipment, boxes and tarps as seen in late war photos.

Of course I first did my homework and read Doug Chaltry's review of the available kits and conversions on this site. So I bought at last the 1/72 StuIG 33 kit from Attack Models as base for it.
Regarding the mediocre running gear and tracks, I finally decided to kit bash the model using Revell's outstanding Panzer III lower hull, wheels and tracks. Therefore some careful adjustment work was necessary to make the Revell parts fit to Attack’s upper hull.

For the first time I tried to create some slight track sag just by carefully bending the upper Revell track part with my fingers.

I added some bolts to Revell's front part, added some tools like an axe, shovel and fire extinguisher from my spare parts box.
Furthermore my researches showed that the store box on the engine deck of the real StuIG was mounted on some kind of metal pillars whereas Attack offers some trapezoidal etching parts. So I built this parts from scratch.

For some reason the kit’s etched box cover was too small to cover the opening (production error?) so I also needed to replace it with plastic sheet, using the hinges of the original piece by cutting them out with a sharp blade.
The rear lights were borrowed from spare parts of some Attack Panzer II C kits. The jack, spare wheels and towropes on the engine deck are the ones from the Revell Panzer III kit. Some small surgery was necessary to make the latter fit in place.
I also omitted Attacks original gun barrel and carriage, replaced them with the better parts of an UM Grille kit and drilled the barrel out. To simulate the protruding part of the steel plate that covers the opening above the raised gun barrel, I added a some strip, cut off from a sprue part, on the edge of the roof. According to the instructions, Attack wants the modeller to add an etched handle on the front side of the casemate. I never have seen this part on all the photos of the real thing nor on models, even in 1/35 scale, that I researched. So I dropped this part.

The model is painted by brush, using Revell enamels.





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