Panther D

Manufacturer: Revell

I recieved the following email from Stephen, a long-time reader to On The Way:

"If you've checked Missing Links you'll know that my Revell Panther D was taken while on the display table at AMPS this past weekend (4/16/00).  I hope that it was mistakenly collected and that it may get returned. Could you post a photo of the model requesting that anyone having it return it to:

c/o DEP, 312 CANCO RD.

No questions asked.

The little gem was my favorite and won a silver at AMPS and a 1st at an IPMS Regional.  It has opening hatches with interior, and red turret #132.  I think you posted it in your Reader's Gallery several months ago.

Tank you."

Ladies and gentlemen, if anybody unintentionally got posession of this superb model, please consider returning it. We know it was probably an accident, and you might feel embarassed by returning it, but trust me, Stephen is not the kind of guy to say anything but "Thanks."

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