Magach VI

Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt Conversion

By Michael Hatch

ESCI's M60 Blazer with the following minor modifications, including :

Started weathering with a water based black wash. It went on a little heavily, so I tried to tone it down by swishing around the areas with liberal amounts of rubbing alcohol. After the alcohol attacked the enamel paint, I decided that I might just have to kill myself. I then dry brushed over top of the affected areas with the base colour and in the interest of mental health decided that I could live with the results. I'm still going to use pastel chalks dust to give the lower hull area a even more dusty look.

When weathering tracks I use Humbrol Gunmetal as a base coat. I then apply a water based red/orangy wash. When dry I dust them up with pastel chalk dust and finish off with dry brushing with either bright steel or jet black enamel depend on if the vehicle has steel or rubber track pads.

Lacking the proper figure and not happy with my attempts to modify a helicopter crewmen into the vehicle commander, I positioned him well down his 'hole' so that you can only just see the top of his helmet.

I still plan on adding two towing cables that are stowed piled up on the two front fenders. I will be using thread painted with Humbrol Gunmetal and weathering with water based red paint and pastel chalk dust.


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