Ludovic Bertrand's Collection Part 2

Ludovic makes the masters for the ADV mini line of kits, and he truly is a master model builder. In addition to the vehicles below, you can also see his work at Pat Storto's AFV Museum, and at The Bucket Shop (his M113's).

ALBY AMX 13 model 51 with 75 mm gun

Scratch built AMX 30 D recovery vehicle

Scratch built EBG (engineers combat vehicle) with prototype short span bridge from CNIM company

Combination of HASEGAWA upper kit with REVELL lower side hull and tracks (they fit quite perfectly on HASEGAWA bottom!) with upgrade for LEO 2 A4 version (exhaust, guner sight,..)

Scratchbuilt M520 GOER, the rear chassis is actually made of corrugated aluminium foil

EXO KIT ref 7210 from the box

Scratch built Roland on HELLER AMX 30 base

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