Painting German figures in WW2
Smaller items

by Rob Haelterman

Smaller items that were part of the German uniform varied widely. This is only a rough guide.

Webbing (straps) Black (or rarely brown) leather, later reed green, olive green or tan webbing.
For officers: reddish brown until July 1943
Kar 98k cartridge pouches Black leather
M38/40 cartridge pouches Black, olive green, reed green or (late war) tan
MP43/44 cartridge pouches Olive green, reed green, grey or (commonly) tan
Pistol holster Brown or (mostly) black
MG42 tool pouch Black
Cooking pot and gas mask container Early war mostly field grey, later also field grey, dark grey and olive green
Bread bag Field grey, mid war olive grey, late war grey, brown or tan
Field flask Early brown felt with black strap and cap. Late war green, grey or brown felt
Entrenching tool Blade black (but obviously wore off quickly), black carrier (late war also tan)
Bayonet frog Black
Gas sheet pouch Bluish green, mid war also field or olive green



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Article Last Updated: 25 June 2016