F.G.: who is he ?

Oh dear, I have never been good in introducing myself. I have always been scared to bore people by saying too much, or to seem shy by saying too little. Let's see how do I score now ....


About Me: profession and personal life
I was born in Rome in 1962 and have always lived there, feeling "Roman inside". I graduated in Medicine when I was 24, and I have always being working as a doctor. So, most of my life (and time) has gone into patient care, teaching and writing scientific papers. I am married with Alessandra, who was born and always lived rather close to my house, but whom I met in Ireland (life is funny...). She understands and appreciates my hobbies, modelling in particular, and helps me shooting down the difficulties of life (with a soviet 85mm AA gun, if it is necessary ...)


I started back in 1971 with my first "blue box" of Airfix 1/72 figures. Then I built everything I could lay my hands on, until I decided to focus on 1/35 and 1/72 vehicles and 1/72 figures, back in 1974. In 1983, I had to quit modelling because of studying. I re-started nearly 20 years later, and since then my heart (and the scarce spare time) is divided into 1/72 figures and vehicles. Since the time is not much and I have to share it with other interests, I am not a prolific modeller. I like to do extensive research before starting a model. I love weathering, which I believe it is a form of art in its own.