Continental Model Supply Company
36, Gray Gardens
Rainham, Essex
RM13 7NH

Resin and metal items from England. They have an extensive line of 1/76th accessories as well as some conversion sets for 1/72nd kits. They also have a line of figures.

As far as I know, they do not have a website or email address and are probably out of business as Wee Friends (Friendship Models) and Kingfisher have taken over part of the range.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
CO-01 Challenger II Turret Conversion turret for Revell kit. Preview  
CO-02 Challenger II Conversion Hull details for Revell kit. Preview  
CO-03 Warrior Upgrade Includes the Warrior Up-armor set, plus driver's hatch, rear door, smoke dischargers, additional stowage boxes etc. Preview  
CO-04 Warrior Command Vehicle Upgrade set for Revell kit.    
CO-05 Warrior Artillery Observation Vehicle Upgrade set for Revell kit.    
CO-07 Fuchs NBC Upgrade set for Revell kit.    
CO-09 Warrior Uparmor Set Includes side and front armour, turret stowage boxes smoke dischargers etc.    
CO-10 Recognition panels (Gulf 2003) Friendly fire panels for 1 Challenger, 1 Warrior and 2 for any vehicle. Preview  
CO-11 Challenger KFOR Upgrade For Revell Challenger KFOR kit No. 03120; includes side armour & sand skirt, exhaust muffler, new toolboxes, back mud flaps, canvas and friendly fire panels.    
CO-12 Challenger II Upgrade Revell Challenger II KFOR kit to convert as seen in the Gulf, complete kit includes CO-01, CO-02, CO-10 &CO-11.    
CO-13 FV512 Warrior MCRV kit resin upgrade kit for the Revell Warrior to make it into a FV512 MCRV Preview  
CO-15 Challenger II Dozer Blade Resin accessory designed to fit both the Dragon and Revell kits preview  

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
DF01 Modern British 105mm gun crew 5 figures plus shells Picture  
DF02 German Land Wasser Schlepper crew 2 figures with changeable heads - helmet or forage cap    
DF03 Sahariana crew Driver, officer and gunner with changeable heads - Italian/German, personal bags    
DF04 Modern British Drivers 4 w/berets, 2 w/helmets, no legs; ideal for trucks    
DF05 1940 BEF Tank crew 3 resting, (eating, sleeping, Officer drinking), 2 on track repair    
DF06 Modern British AFV crew Commander, Driver, Gunner; 2 of each, loose heads with 4 types of head gear    
DF07 Modern British Infantry on Patrol 5 figures    
DF08 1944 Fallschirmj√§ger in Casino 5 figures    
DF09 1942 Africa set Casual poses. 5 figures.    
DF10 1944 Fallschirmj√§ger set 2 5 figures    
DF11 Russian AFV crew One full figure sitting, 4 figures.    
DF12 Royal Marines in search of Al-Qaeda, carrying bergens 5 figures Picture  
DF13 1942 Africa DAK Fuel dump personnel 5 figures    
DF14 Royal Marines w/out bergens 5 figures Picture  
DF15 Crew for Revell Warrior & Challenger 2 drivers and 4 turret figures in different poses. Picture  
DF16 Infantry debussing from Warrior and going into defensive position 5 figures Picture
DF17 British infantry in the Gulf 5 figures    

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Kit list last updated 11 March 2010